I am a Christ-follower, a husband, a father and grandfather. I have a love for knowing truth because I believe it’s wise to use a working compass on any voyage you set out on. Life is the most important voyage we take. Knowing the truth about the world around us, knowing reality, is the best way to navigate life.

You don’t want to live life with a broken compass, so make sure that you adopt a world view (a system of beliefs about the world) that match up with reality. So look around at reality. Choose a world view that best aligns with reality.

When I look at reality, I ask myself, “what is the best, simplest, most concise, most consistent way to explain what I see?”

What I See

  • I see that I have free will and I am responsible for my actions.
  • I see a universe that came into existence about 13 to 14 billion years ago.
  • I see multiple historical documents from different sources, dated close the actual events, that describe the life of Jesus of Nazareth. And, those documents agree that:
    • Jesus was crucified
    • Jesus was buried
    • His tomb was later found empty by a group of women
    • Many people later reported to have seen Jesus
    • Jesus’ disciples radically changed and came to believe firmly that Jesus was resurrected

The best explanations for what I see:

  • I believe that I am more than just my body. There is something that is “me” that exists distinct from my body. That explains why I have free will and I cannot simply blame a series chemical processes for my often reprehensible actions.
  • I believe that the universe, time and space, came into existence about 13 to 14 billion year ago. Therefore, something outside of time and space must have caused the universe to come into being. There is a Creator.
  • I believe there was a historical Jesus of Nazareth. I believe that he was crucified, buried, and later appeared to many people – including his disciples.
  • I believe that Jesus’ disciples’ beliefs were radically changed and they became convinced of Jesus’ resurrection.
  • I believe the best explanation for the disciples’ belief in Jesus’ resurrection is that the Creator, God, raised Jesus from the dead.
  • I believe therefore that Jesus is who he claimed to be, that is God incarnate.
  • Therefore, I believe Jesus’ teachings.
  • I believe that we were created by God to having a loving relationship with Him.
  • I believe that our sins separate us from God because He is holy.
  • I believe that sin’s penalty is death – eternal separation from God.
  • I believe that, through God’s gift of grace, Jesus paid that penalty for us by dying on the cross.
  • I believe that everyone who recognizes their sinfulness and accepts Jesus’ sacrifice as saving them from their sin will experience eternal life in God’s presence.

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